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Vaastu Vidwan, Jyotishya Mani Smt.Viswanadha Lakshmi

The monthly astro forecast are provided by Vaastu Vidwan, Jyotish Mani Smt.Viswanadha Lakshmi of Vijayawada, India. She has been co-practicing Astrology under the able guidence of Prof.Viswanadha Somasankara Sastry, a renowned astrologist for over 50years. Smt.Lakshmi has a Masters degree in Astrology from Telugu University, Hyderabad, in addition to her rich experience.
We wish to bring her expertise available to our readers, and provide an opportunity to consult with her.

Astrological Predictions for April 2016

You are in luck where finances are concerned and will come up with some bright ideas that get translated into substantial gains. A new project started will move well with promise of recurring income. If you wish to take a plunge into something new do it when all necessary support and goodwill is available to you. You need to be gentle and considerate towards your mate or beloved who does everything to keep you happy and comfortable.
The employed seeking a change can look around for fresh openings for they are likely to come across a good offer. You can compromise on position if the offer is from an organization of repute because monthly emoluments in any case will be very attractive. Business people desirous of a tie up or joint venture will successfully conclude mutually profitable partnership. Some of you may require a health check up due to a nagging pain in the feet.
You have done well in your career but in retrospection you may think whether you are happy doing what you have been routinely doing for quite some time. It seems you are missing out on doing what you had long desired you will do but got caught in the whirlpool of mundane living. It is never too late getting back the spirit of adventure and taking the new path and fulfilling your dreams. Have no worries about money for you will be secure.
There will be a strong urge to do something different from your routine work and business. Some of you may devote time to a creative hobby while others will take up social work and travel to rural regions. This may initially upset your mate or beloved who may complain of neglect and lack of time your family. Some health tips from a friend for improved nutrition worth considering and putting it in practice. It may make you feel more buoyant.
Youngsters need to be selective while deciding about the future course of their education or career. It is likely that some of you may get confused whether to get into some creative field or take up finance as your subject of specialization. Business people after a series of meetings and discussions will be able to finalize a partnership agreement, which earlier weighed heavily against their interests. Those in love will be happy to receive the blessings of their elders.
With a set of lucky circumstances you achieve wealth and prosperity, which was almost beyond your expectations. A sudden inheritance from a distant relative or a share from a jointly held property may bring in substantial amount. Equities you may have bought years ago on a casual suggestion from a friend may appreciate giving you huge profits. You may now take up some of the projects, which you had been postponing for want of sufficient funds.
Those working overseas may get an opportunity to return with a job offer that gives you better scope for growth. It will be to your advantage to seek a change and return, also due to responsibilities towards home and family. Business opportunities exist in new markets in two tier cities and you must not delay in setting up infrastructure for development of your business. Youngsters keen to settle down in matrimony will receive suitable proposal.
This is right time to review your investment program particularly in view of the volatile situation in the money market. If you are not expert in the intricacies better get some advice from a banker or a broker before taking final decision, which will depend on the requirements of the situation. While discussing the restructuring program, be very specific and stick to your views though they may seem revolutionary to others.
Fabulous financial gains will come your way as a result of an intelligent and accurate interpretation of events developing and affecting your field. This will give you ample opportunity to plan addition and expansion on a large scale as envisaged. You can now look forward to a bigger and better house and also go in for purchase of some more comfortable vehicle, which the family will love to have. An email or call may provide you with happy news.
Your hard work is finally paying off and you will find yourself being held in high esteem by your family and friends. This is the time to put all your energy and resources in furthering your career for such opportunities do not come easy. Youngster will be in their element and full of enthusiasm and work hard to achieve their goal in sports or academic field. The married will get to spend lot of quality time in the company of their sweetheart.
The employed must try sticking to one job especially since over time they have been hopping from one job to another due to lack of sustained interest. The fault may not be in the nature of work or in the attitudes of seniors but your own inability to adjust with others. Business people will continue to make profit and those savvy with speculation may also strike a favorable deal at the stock market. Evenings are replete with romantic escapades.
The employed will consider giving up their job to set up an independent venture. It is a favorable period to start work as a trader, commission agent or liaison work where there may not be much investment. If keen to set up a small scale manufacturing unit then you must first get approval from a large organization that will assure to buy your product. Happiness and joy in all you do is assured. Family and romantic affairs run smoothly.
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