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How do we align outselves with God in our day to day life?

Shri Shri Sai Baba, the Supreme Perfect Master and incarnation of the Age, guided countless people on the spiritual path while in physical body. After taking Samadhi (leaving the physical body) the number of devotees guided by him is beyond imagination of human mind.

To approach God, the most important pre-requisite is the "Saral Bhaav" (natural and simple approach) on part of the devotee. This guide presents few instances of how to be natural and simple in day to day life and approach towards Sai.

Many have realized God without following any conventional method of worship. The best would be to meditate on Baba for sometime in the morning, worship Him in a normal way but with intense devotion, always regard Him as a part of one's life and love Him, whatever you eat offer Him, give Him whatever you wear, offer every activity of yours to Him. Good news, share it with Baba and also the sad news, as we share with our father. If we always remember Him and pray Him, it would be a form of uninterrupted worship - this is spontaneous and real worship of Sai. To love Baba is the best form of worship of Him.

When lust, anger, ego and other such natural properties are provoked furiously, make Guru the target and direct them towards Baba, the Guru. When such a practice is adopted, the passions become feeble on their own, and after a time, are destroyed completely. In enjoyment of a sense object, the thought that Baba is near us, will at the outset give rise to the consideration of worthiness or otherwise, of the object. That object, which is not suitable or worthy will be discarded naturally. The addict thus becomes free of his addictions; there aises a spontaneous and natural love for Baba.

Sai is embodiment of compassion. He practiced absolute love and preached love to everyone including sinner, diseased, birds and beasts. He always encouraged blessed acts of kindness.

Baba said "If anyone speaks cuttingly to another, it is me whom he hurt" (Ch 44 verse 174). Baba also said "when a person uses foul language for other person, it makes me sick at once. But he who endures it patiently, gives me satisfaction for long time" (Cha 44 verse 175). If one does not have the quality of compassion in him, how can one receive the compassion of the Master?

If one is able to awaken the divine qualities like compassion, forgiveness, selfless service, non-voilence etc, within oneself then Sai walks along him. External worship and rituals are only modes of cleansing the inner self; any amount of worship does not qualify a Sai devotee if his inner self is not clear.

For a good disciple the examples from the life of Baba is his precepts, as codified in Shri Sai Satcharitra should work as the best reference point of guidance for their ethical conduct and spirutual progress. It has a natural flow whereby the readers start feeling as if they had been closely asosciated with its events in their past lifes. The foremost duty of Sai devotees is therefore to read Shri Sai Satcharitra and absorb it into their beings completely. Whenever in doubt about his thoughts and actions, devotee should try to relate with the information on similar situations provided in Shri Sai Satcharitra.

He should always judge those parameters as the principles of an ethical existence. The more they read this book, the more it will bring them closer to Baba and all their doubts and apprehensions will be cleared.

The problem with some of the devotees is that they read Shri Sai Satcharitra more intensely for its miracle stories rather than for understanding the applied principles of an ethical living. Further while carrying on their mundane deeds they often forget Baba's advice at that moment. What Baba wanted the followers to do is more to pracice these principles than to read.

As Baba's intentions reveal, the question is not as to how many times one has failed while trying but as to whether he is determined and remembers these principle while doing any act, good or bad. Each devotee needs to ask this question to himself and find the answer from his own conduct in day to day life.

Shri Sai Satcharitra

Shri Sai Satcharitra is a discourse on the experiences devotees had with Shri Sai and the preachings of Baba. Baba got it written through Shri Anna Saheb Dabholkar by giving inner motivations to him. Baba had clearly told him: "I shall Myself write my life. Hearing My life stories and teachings, will create faith in devotees' hearts and they will easily get self-realization and bliss...". Shri Sai Baba, which was originally composed in Marathi verse. The writing of the book started in the lifetime of Baba with his blessing. Satcharitra has been translated into many Indian languages and English language, which can be understood even by a common man.

The concepts of God and spirituality are explained in such a simple yet comprehensive manner in Shri Sai Satcharitra, that no additional book or commentary is required.

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